Attack of the Spider Crickets (and other, less dramatic, bathroom pics)


Anyone know a good way to eliminate these buggers? I have spider cricket and regular cricket visitors – I feel like the cricket-whisperer. I have to get the vacuum to make them dead when I find them ’cause when I try and get them the regular phone book way they go all ninja and jump at my face/head area and I am like, “NO! AHHHHHH! HELLLPPPPP!” And I run away like a girl. Then the little sons’abitches hide and I wonder (read: panic) where they got off to. Suggestions?

Here are other pics of the current (read: old) bath. Lots of leaky spots so that may be the reason for the invaders of the Rhaphidophoridae kind.
DSCN2114 DSCN2113 DSCN2112 Wanna really freak out? Look at the cricket pics here (muah-ha-ha-ha!)

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4 thoughts on “Attack of the Spider Crickets (and other, less dramatic, bathroom pics)

  1. Bev says:

    Check with a True Value hardware store or a Home Depot for what is needed to get rid of them. Have no experience, but when a house is vacant, such critters think they can move in. Good luck!

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