Cooking up some new content…

So, y’all know I have been doing this blogging 101 challenge. I really am enjoying myself.  The best part of joining up is getting to meet fellow my bloggers through this journey. Visiting new blogs and talking to all these amazing people is giving me inspiration for Losing Screws.

Recently, I have been attempting to healthify. You know, working out more and eating better all in the hope of eradicating some of this flibble-flabble. Part of this is being on the lookout for cleaner recipes for the meals that I make. Last night, while visiting my new blog-buddy Jessica’s site, I was excited to find that she already has lightened up recipes for me to try. There are loads of rich comfy foods with healthy spin like Jessica’s Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas – which is the exact recipe that sparked this idea. The Sweet Files totally inspired me to begin adding my own food experiments to Losing Screws. While there was always a Baking section, the newly added Cooking section won’t remain empty for long. I intend to make it a home to all my favorite meals and food experiments. Family, Friends, don’t panic though – I wouldn’t dare THINK about messin’ with my lasagna recipe – some food is just comfort food and you don’t go screwin’ around with staples like that. (You just spend some extra time in the gym the next day.)

The first few posts will be my attempt The Sweet Files’ Enchiladas, my own Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Swap Out and that Lasagne recipe everyone seems to love so much. While you are awaiting some yummy adds to make their way onto Losing Screws, I suggest that you pay a visit to The Sweet Files. I promise you will like what you see there and that it will leave you super hungry! Jessica’s great food photos even have me wanting to try her recipes for foods I don’t even really like.

Happy Noshing,
<3 Roni

11 thoughts on “Cooking up some new content…

  1. Jessica Rodebush says:

    Ohhhh girl. Don’t you dare go messing around with that lasagna! I can’t wait to see your recipe! YUM! and P.S You are the sweetest! Thank you! I can’t wait to follow you as you expand your cooking journey!

  2. R.J. Koehn says:

    Oh am I EVER in need of some clean recipes. However, I’m not much of a cook (I do cook daily though), so I need easy ones that don’t take hours to make. You gonna have some of that here? If so, count me in!

    • Roni says:

      I’m gonna sure try! I tend to make loads of stuff Sunday’s to eat all week. I’m lately trying to find less ingredients with better for you clean(er) ingredients when I can. It’s a learning process to change!

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