Murph is a big fat ruin-er of things!

It’s Presidents Day. I was supposed to have a nice short traffic-less drive to work today. It was gonna be great since I’m so busy right now. Alas, Murph showed up around 4:45 when my neighbors car alarm stared going off. So, instead of getting ahead at work I sit here on my kitchen floor with Murph, a blow dryer, the oven on full blast and a space heater pointed into the crawlspace behind the tub. Oh joy, the power has now gone out… Well, at least I have Hans and caffeine. So there’s that. 👎

If you need to unfreeze your pipes, check out this post. Sorry if this one has typos, I’m typing on my iPhone from under the sink in between sips of glorious caffeine. I promise to come back and spell check tonight.

Happy Presidents’ Day,
<3 Roni

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