Spring Forward?!

Can we be done with winter now!?!?!? It was finally nice and warm out today and I get this dumb email:Here are some pictures from the last few days to help you visualize my grievance:
And the weekend before: Aaaaaaaand the weekend before that:

So, can we be done yet? Please?!?!?


7 thoughts on “Spring Forward?!

  1. Nikitaland says:

    I really did not want to hit the “like” button, but I do feel your pain Roni! We have had very similar weather too, but our snow mounds are about 4 feet high in our yard and we are so glad to see our roof melting. There was so much ice on the roof in a few spots that it started to get me nervous. We finally had our first nice weekend in a really long time and we are glad. We know that this won’t be the last of our snow, but when you have dealt with this much snow since Thanksgiving like we have, we take the good days with the snowy ones. One day at a time! We hope that Spring does not pass us by though! Hang in there! At least, we got our garden seeds planted already! Yeah!

    • Roni says:

      I hear that and I’ll quit complaining – I don’t have a quarter the snow you have. My seedlings are sprouting and looking good. I think I’m building the bed next Sunday, too! Woohoo!

      • Nikitaland says:

        Oh WOW, that is good news to hear that you starting to build your raised bed soon! That will be exciting!

        That is one of the reasons that I took a little break from blogging because all I would have been doing is complaining about the snow and the weather.

  2. crumpledpapercranes says:

    Wow. Just, wow.

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen winter like that, given my limited experiences. Anywhere I’ve been has been either tropical or desert dry. In the winter months it rains sometimes, but it’s not too horrible.

    Hang in there.

    And, I found you via Austin’s Blog Pitch Party. 🙂

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