Save Money WIth Ceiling Fans This Summer

Did you ever notice that your ceiling fan has a little switch on the side? Well, you should take a minute now and go check if you haven’t. That tiny toggle can save you some dough this summer, man!  It will look like this this switch here:

Flip that switch each season!

Flip that switch each season!

If you never noticed the toggle before, chances are your fan is going in the warm weather direction as the default setting should be to blow the air down on you. Stand under your fan and take a look at it when it is on low. When you are looking up at it, it should turn counter clockwise. You’ll want to flip that switch if it is going the other direction. Keeping your fan on high like this can help you reduce your AC bill and will make you feel cooler this summer.

Stay cool my friends,

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  1. Elle Knowles says:

    Reminds me we have one more ceiling fan to change out in this old house! So…do we flip the switch in the other direction for cooler weather Roni? It has to be there for a purpose. ~Elke

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