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21DF FAQs Post Feature ImageHere is a place you can come and find all your answers to starting the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. You can even use alot of this information if you are following the Hammer and Chisel program. If you don’t see a FAQ you are looking for please drop me a comment and I will find out and add it for you!

Q: How do I measure food that won’t fit in a container?
A: Bust out your book: Pg 22-39: Weird shaped foods are often listed with an Asterisk * in your book. Those foods show how much to portion in parentheses. Don’t see your food? Check in with me I will get you the info straightaway!

Here are some examples:
• 1 slice of whole-grain bread = 1 Yellow.
• 1/2 a banana = 1 Purple.

Q: How do I measure food when I am out?
A: Bust out your book: Pg 70-71: Green-colored items on this page you measure with a green container. Black-colored items you measure the amount in parentheses. BOTH options you would then log/count as the container values shown on the right side.

Here are some examples:
• Pizza = Portion is 1/4 of a 12″ pizza. Count/tally as 2 yellow, 1 Blue.
• Veggie Soup = Portion out with a green container. Count/tally as 1 Yellow, 1 green.
• Chicken/Beef Stir fry = Portion out with a green container. Count/tally as 1 red, 1 green & 1 orange

Q: How do I make food that is not boring?
A: Explore the internet! Team Beachbody, Autumn’s Youtube, and all kinds of blogs out there share recipes for these programs! Here is my personal Pinterest page, with several boards dedicated the recipes I love. I add to it ALL the time.

Q: Do I have to eat it all?
A: Yes! Add veggies and fruit to your Shakeology to help fit it all in. Here are my 3 of my favorites – Lemon Bar, Thin Mint & Salted Caramel. I revamped the BB recipes to have veggies when I was in a higher bracket and they taste good. You will also find these on my board from above link. You can find more Shakeo recipes on the Beachbody website, too. Also, check your product box – it will come with some extra recipes, too!

If you are still having many containers left at the end of the night, have a chat with  your coach. You don’t want to stuff yourself with a bunch of leftover containers before bed!  You will get the best results if you finish them all, but you also will want to keep carbs and fruit before 6 if at all possible. We will find you a balance!

Q: What you talkin’ bout eat it all? I did, and I’m still hungry! Hangry even!
A: Reach out to your coach. If you are doing extra workouts or chasing toddlers around all day, you may be burning too many calories for the bracket you are placed in. First, give it a few days if you just started. If you can’t make it the first few days add extra veggies in – it’s almost impossible to overeat on those. If that is not doing it for you, let’s have look at your activities and we’ll see if you should bump up another container group. We will need to adjust you a bit if you are still feeling famished!

Q: I need more blues!
A: Ok, so knocking out dairy can be really hard at first but you can do it! And, you DO NOT have to count your fat free milk, carton coconut milk or almond milk as a blue container when you put it in your Shakeo! Autumn did a video where she explains this 6 ounces in that is about 45 calories so let it be. You are welcome. Go get that other blue now!

Q: Ok, thanks. But what about my coffee!?
A: Most people use a small amount of creamer anyways – it wont ruin you. But I beg you to please give these a try first:
– Make lattes with Coconut Milk – (the carton kind and count toward your blue!)
– Try frothing in some Coconut Oil and vanilla extract (1/2 tsp each) . It makes it very creamy. Don’t ask me how. It just works!
– Try vanilla extract with 1 TBSP of the canned version of coconut milk.
Here is a Coffee Fix style! and a related post.

Q: Can I eat granola bars?
A: You REALLY should make your own for the 21 days. Are there any store-bought protein bars that are approved for this program? No. The Beachbody nutrition experts & the Team Beachbody Message Boards can help you case by case if you want to search your brand there. In the meantime, you should count 100 calories worth of a bar as 1 yellow container. (Not all protein bars have that much protein!)

Here are some examples:
• Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts and Seasalt Bar is 200 Calories = 2 Yellows.
• ThinkThin Lean Protein & Fiber Bar: Honey Drizzle Peanut is 150 Calories = 1.5 Yellows

If you have other questions, please drop a comment and I will try and work it out for you.

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