3 Day Refresh – Review and Results Journal, Day 1

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day 1 journal

Day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh was more trouble in my mind than in reality. I was not starving and dying of hunger pangs overall – though I was definitely hungry at some points. I started out the day with the glass of water and had some type of liquid every hour, for the most part. I think that is what maybe made my experience in the way of hunger pangs easier than some folks report.

I ate breakfast in two stages as I drove in the car today. (Didn’t have enough time to eat at home.) Perhaps that also helped me feel fuller longer in the morning because I didn’t feel hungry at all until about 10:15. I went in for a second cup of tea. Knowing that I had to wait to have lunch till 1pm due to my schedule.

So since I didn’t want to have the Fiber Sweep too early and ended up making myself late on drinking it. Oops! Anyway, the Fiber Sweep is not that horrible. I don’t mind the flavor – a bit lemony. I would not drink it off the Refresh but its more than tolerable for 3 measly days. I drank it down and chased it with more water.

Lunch was good and left me satiated. The Vanilla Fresh tastes pretty good to me. I am a vanilla person all the way.

About 4:00 pm was the first time I started feeling REALLY hungry today, so I made some more tea. This is supposed to be tucked in after the afternoon snack, but I really just needed something in my stomach. It is so cold in my office I just didn’t want plain water. I know that its technically cheating but, well, I really don’t feel like it mattered too much. It’s herbal tea after-all.

Dinner was DELISH. I was really full afterward. I started feeling hungry again around 8:30 pm so I made even more tea. All in all it was a success and I was not miserable over hunger all day. Very surprised that I did not have a caffeine withdrawal headache…yet. The last time I did the refresh I got a very bad one!

Here is what I ate and when:

6:30 am – Water (12 oz)

7:45 am – Chocolate Vegan Shakeology (with 10 oz of water)
8:15 am – Cantaloupe

9:30 am – Jasmine Green Tea (with 12 oz of water)
10:30 am – Jasmine Green Tea (with 12 oz of water)

12:15 pm – Fiber Sweep (with 8 oz of water) & more Water (8 oz)

1:15 pm – Vanilla Fresh (made with 10 oz of water)
– Cantaloupe
– Carrots & Almond Butter

2:00 pm – Lemon Ginger Tea (made with 12 oz of water)

4:00 pm – Jasmine Green Tea (made with 12 oz of water)

4:30 pm – Celery & Hummus

6:30 pm – Vanilla Fresh (made with 10 oz of water)
– Vegetable Stir fry (from the book)

7:30 pm – Lemon Ginger Tea (made with 12 oz of water)
9:30 pm – Sleepytime herbal tea (made with 12 oz of water)

Water tally:

Total water for today was 130 ounces including the Vanilla Fresh, Fiber Sweep & Shakeology.


Calorie count clocks in at around 1100 for the day.


Down 2.1 lbs.


Normal with minor tummy grumbles in the evening.


Very Good.


Good. Got very tired around 6pm.



I am writing this up one day after so I can include weight, sleep and energy levels. Check back tomorrow and see how day 2 went! If you missed why I am doing this, or would like general information on the 3 Day Refresh, check out the first post here. If you have tried it or want to try it drop me a comment or an email. I would love to hear your thoughts. See you tomorrow!


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