3 Day Refresh – Review and Results Journal

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I currently use the 3 Day Refresh a few times a year to reset my palette, eating habits, cravings and to knock out bloat. Personally, I find that in my life there are few times of the year are filled with too many events for me to stay 100% on track. When there are so many outings clustered up like that I find that I make more unhealthy choices than I would like to admit. (Yes, I get overwhelmed by desire for cookies, cakes and brews at parties certain like the best of us!)

That said, I don’t use this as an excuse for eating whatever I want, whenever I want it. And I don’t use it every time I hit up a bar or eat a hot wing!  I am talking about post vacation, after the holidays, and after the three week stint in the winter of family parties, birthday and anniversaries that ends in February. While I try and keep on the straight and narrow I just end up nibbling too many treats.


What happens to me is, after a string of poor kitchen decisions, I find I continue to crave the ‘bad’ sugars and carbs. It’s a cycle of sugary carby madness for me! 3 Day Refresh helps me end the constant struggle and get back on track.


Typical results for me also include dropping 3-5 pounds, too. Since I do this to get back on track I don’t have trouble keeping the weight off, either. In fact, many of my fellow coaches and customers will use this product as a get ready quick fix for a big event.  It helps kick the cravings, deflate the bloat and gets my head in the game again.


Since I get a lot of questions from clients about this product so decided to start a little journal for you all this round and show you what its like, how many calories I take in and so on.

Click here for Day 1.


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