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Final Word

Well, I had great results. I really feel lighter and just plain better overall. Totally refreshed, renewed and proud to have completed the three days successfully. It is not an easy thing to do! I have never lost more than 4 pounds using this Refresh. This time I lost 6.2! I am sure it was mostly water weight and sodium bloat from all the festivities in my recent calendar. I feel great and I am STOKED to kick off the next leg of my weight loss journey. I have 25 pounds left to go and I am ready to rock it.

Everyone goes a little off track once in awhile, even coaches! Most folks go on vacation or have a big event they want to slim up to attend. Others just want to feel better after holiday goodies bloat them up. This program is a tool that you and I can use to course correct when we float off the planned route a little. It is NOT meant to be a sustainable meal plan long term.

It is important that you don’t look at this program or my results as a quick fix. There is no magic pill or program that is going to erase bad nutrition and lack of working out. It all comes down to eating clean and working on your fitness to maintain – and keep achieving – results.

Total weight lost:

Down 6.2 lbs.

Inches lost from waist:

2.5″ low waist & 1.25″ high waist

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If you are thinking of trying the 3 Day Refresh yourself please ask me any questions I would love to answer them. I cannot guarantee your results will be the same. You have to commit, put in the work and stick to it. I can’t do those things for you but I can help guide you and keep you motivated.

Missed the rest of my 3 Day Refresh journal posts? Here are links to check out the first post and Day 1,  Day 2  &  Day 3 Journals. If you have tried it or want to try it drop me a comment or an email. I would love to hear your thoughts, questions and concerns. <3 Roni

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