Wedding planning is fun. No, really it is!

I am so excited for the wedding and, yes, I actually love planning it. Some how I got a lot of messages of love and support and in there was a lot of “Weddings SUCK” messages. They don’t suck, I love them! I love planning the wedding and I wish that was my full time job – crafting makes my heart happy and so does planning. I am stressed but not at anything in particular really its just general overwhelm…ya’ know?

I am also learning about anxiety and what that really means for me. I’ve had no major breakdowns or anything like that. There was no dramatic scene to tell you about or hide away. I lost the person that understood my special type of ‘crazy’ and as I move on with my life I am learning that a lot of what I feel as I go. A lot of the things I seem to fill my days with do not really interest me or bring me joy. I want to work on that a bit.

So yeah, I have anxiety and only recently found out it was really just that. As I was doing some of this self reflection, my cousin sent me this article from The Mighty.

Wow! Thats me to a “T” people. My thought went like this…after I closed my jaw that had fallen open in disbelief:

Could this ‘High Functioning Anxiety’ Sarah Shuster talks about really be a thing? Do I “have it”? Fart. I think I do. Am I nuts? Holy shit. It’s not just me, is it?

So here I go again. Off to analyze my issues. Sure, some of this could have to wait till after things calm down in our schedules, but it feels REALLY good to know I am not the only one.

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