Clean Gut Day 1 – Final Word


So my calorie totals for today were 1,313. Just can’t eat anymore! I was hungry around 1030 am then just had some tea and was fine till lunch. I was also hungry again around 3:30 and had more tea.  All in all I drank 144 ounces of filtered water and herbal teas today. I feel pretty good so far.

I will add that the lunch and the dinner I had were big for me but I did eat all of both as I was getting very hungry when meal time came. I think this is more due to the normal timing my body is used to eating then anything else. I say this because I kept drinking the teas when felt too hungry and the hydration removed my feelings of hunger in almost all cases today.

Also, I noticed I was very tired on my way home tonight. (Not abnormal for the weeks I have just had at work – haha.) I think I just was more aware of it after challenging myself not to snack with abandon today. I was really focused on trying to make sure I was hungry and not just bored or eating cause it was “time” to eat. That last one is hard at work most times – I don’t have all the freedom to get snacks or meal in when my body really might want them.

Side note on snacking: You can snack off the food list on this program, but I am trying to get myself OFF the snack wagon. I think its derailing me by keeping my insulin levels elevated constantly. In theory, it’s negatively effecting my bodys’ ability to use insulin correctly (been investigating insulin resistance in our diets). I normally snack mid-day and mid-afternoon – until this week. We shall see what I can do to stop the unneeded snacking. Today it went well. I am feeling satiated and un-deprived. Though day 1-3 of new things tends to be pretty easy so stay tuned as the days go by to see if I can make it work!

<3 Roni

Clean Gut Day 1 Tally:
Calories: 1,313
Water: 144 ounces.

*Note the Goal on the Macros is from MFP. It is their default. They also only want me to eat 1200 calories so lets just ignore that Goal section, shall we? It will never align during clean gut as there is no gluten, added sugars or alcohol’s on the program. 

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