Clean Gut, Day 1

Lent is starting early for me. I was – am – going to give up sugar and caffeine – because I LOVE THEM, haha. But I have been trying to lose some weight for the wedding and I have been so lethargic and sinus-y that its been getting in my way. I do eat fairly clean normally but something is going on with me. I think its possibly sugar or wheat. If something in my diet is triggering all this it can still be a fairly healthy something! I have been reading alot about sugar and substitutes and how they effect our bodies, too. I don’t like what I read – I gotta kick it man!

A few months ago I tried Dr. Junger’s Clean program for 5 days – felt AMAZING! The program is very much centered on fasting – you still eat a good amount of calories but you fast for 12 hours (overnight). You also drink a shake for breakfast and have blended soups for dinner – lunch is the only solid meal. This is to help your digestive track to do its job better as the central healing station for your body. Well, as the the series of organs that feed and repair the rest of you. I loved it and felt great but could not manage more than 5 days with the hustle of my life. Kept getting to where I felt like a shut in.  Also had alot of events and travel and when you cant have eggs, alcohol, dairy, meat, grains, potatoes, peppers or tomatoes its like REALLY hard to eat out. I’m just not up to that challenge at the present moment.

So I am following his Clean Gut program now. This program is designed to help fight any disease or other issues your body my be dealing with like autoimmune, etc. This plan has 3 meals a day and you can snack off the list of foods.

The foods you cant have: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten grains. But Dinner and Lunch are both solid meals – I can do this one! The idea is after the 21 Days you pulse in dairy and gluten for the next week to see if they are triggers for you. I know dairy is an issue for me sometimes for sure. My dermatitis gets really bad when I eat out a lot and I can’t wait to find out how bad (or not) it really is for those two food groups for me. I really do suspect grains are something I will have to limit in the future as I am conscious now, before the program, of how lethargic they make me as well as getting a stomach upset.

Now, you don’t count calories on this one but I will do this to see where I am since I want to still workout most days. I want to make sure I am not overdoing it for what I am putting inside for fuel! My plan for each day this week (based off my meal prep) is looking to land around 1300-1500 calories. I am mostly done day 1 and right now I am only at 1300 and I feel so full from dinner I am not sure I will need any more food tonight.

I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow and let you all know where I landed calorie wise.

<3 Roni

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