Clean Gut Day 2

6:30am: So today I woke up with a headache. I am writing this in the dark! I am not sure if it is the caffeine or the lower than usual amount of calories that is doing this. Pushing my workout to evening.

Today, I will try and eat another 200 calories to bring me closer to 1500. I am also planning to drink Yerba Maté and Green Tea. Those are allowed on the Clean Gut program. Green Tea has minimal caffeine and Yerba Maté has a complex that is being investigated as a different type of caffein. The researchers are trying to prove it is a different chemical makeup that our standard caffeine. It tastes earthy and I like it much better than plain old Green Tea.

10:00am: I am finishing off my morning shake just now as I could not get it all down. I was feeling sick to my stomach with the headache I have. The Yerba Maté is helping me not get worse.

2:00pm: My head is pounding and I took an Alleve. That is not allowed on the Clean Gut but I don’t care – . I feel like poop. Going to try and leave work and go home to nap once I exhaust all non-computer work for the day. Can’t stare at a screen. I get migraines a few times a year and it is usually perfume or cologne that sets me off. However, I have been thinking, and I did have some stressful news last night. Perhaps it is not the lack of caffeine or calories after all that triggered this headache.  Coincidental migraine or not, I feel aweful.

6:00pm: My head is feeling a lot better. I left work early at about 3:45 and was home and in bed by 4:30. My neighbors were outside loud (enjoying the nice weather) and I didn’t get any sleep. Laying there for over an hour helped a lot though.

I ended up coming over Pops and making some dinner for him and I for tonight and tomorrow. I made us some REALLY hot pepper steak, and mixed greens with toasted pumpkin seeds, egg, butternut squash croutons and mustard vinaigrette.

Hanging out for a bit since there are folks looking at my house right now. Also, have a meeting with Father Hand tonight, so I think I will skip my workout and rest up early.

8:00pm: Still have a headache and the running all around made it a bit worse. So, yep, I am heading to bed early. Gonna schedule this to post in a couple hours and talk to you tomorrow.

 PS. Please don’t tell pop the squash is not sweet potato. Seriously, I will find you and we will have words.

Clean Gut Day 2 Tally:
Calories: 1,210
(Didn’t get to 1500 like I wanted due to my headache upsetting things.)
Water: 164 ounces.

*Note the Goal on the Macros is from MFP. It is their default. They also only want me to eat 1200 calories so lets just ignore that Goal section, shall we? It will never align during clean gut as there is no gluten, added sugars or alcohol’s on the program. 

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