Clean Gut Day 3

Today I woke with a headache still – but not the migraine. I was really stuffy, too. I think that it was just a coincidence that I had that headache. Well, I didn’t get to 1500 calories today but I tried and got pretty close. I have to try and find more root vegetables to up those carbs perhaps.

I will say this. My sebborheic dermatitis is leaps and bounds better in just three days. My skin is way less itchy, too. Leaps and BOUNDS better. I really think for sure is something in my regular diet that is messing me up. But time will tell!

I felt great mid-afternoon when I normally crash and reach for coffee. My energy levels are up, so I hope I sleep well tonight. Last night was rough, I kept waking up with the damn headache all sweaty and gross. Ugh.

I even did a bit of extra cardio today as I was really energetic and wanted to try and settle down. Can you believe that?

So far so good, even with that epic migraine. Bring on Day 4 baby!

Clean Gut Day 2 Tally:
Calories: 1,400
(Didn’t get to 1500 again – It’s hard!
Water: 126 ounces.

*Note the Goal on the Macros is from MFP. It is their default. They also only want me to eat 1200 calories so lets just ignore that Goal section, shall we? It will never align during clean gut as there is no gluten, added sugars or alcohol’s on the program. 

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