Clean Gut Day 4

Today I woke with so much energy. I feel amazing. I don’t feel hungry at all so I think I am going to just settle on this 1400 unless I start getting ill effects.

I got my hair done tonight and it was so great not having all the flakes. I don’t remember the last time I did’t have to worry about that at the salon. Its normally a really big anxiety point for me. My skin feels and looks great all over and I still can’t believe it but as of today – my scalp looks healed. Now after the dye tonight, we shall see tomorrow if there is a reaction, but so far so good and no itching. I am floored over that one. If that is all I have to do is limit one type of food for this to be my new reality DONE and DONE.

I wish I started earlier so I could hurry and get to the reentry period to test the foods I have eliminated and see what ones are triggers. Almost Friday!

Clean Gut Day 4 Tally:
Calories: 1,400
Water: 123 ounces.

*Note the Goal on the Macros is from MFP. It is their default. They also only want me to eat 1200 calories so lets just ignore that Goal section, shall we? It will never align during clean gut as there is no gluten, added sugars or alcohol’s on the program. 

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