Clean Gut Day 7

Today was another good day. Went to brunch with pop and had a super yummy omelet with turkey bacon, long hots and avocado. So good.

I noticed today that my wrist doesn’t bother me as much so that is also another plus of whatever is going on with me on this elimination diet. In the past the had me take a bunch of anti-inflammatory meds for the tendons. It never really helped all that much. It defiantly never treated the problem.

I made the chicken pot pie recipe from the book and OMG is it delicious. Not gonna lie though, I thought it looked pretty gross while I was making cashew part. You soak the cashews then blend them with onion garlic and broth. It was wigging me out, haha! But holy moly. I had to stop myself from eating too much – it was SO GOOD. It did take forever to make though so I wish I made a batch to freeze. Next time.

Night all!

Clean Gut Day 7 Tally:
Calories: 1,525
Water: 122 ounces.

*Note the Goal on the Macros is from MFP. It is their default. They also only want me to eat 1200 calories so lets just ignore that Goal section, shall we? It will never align during clean gut as there is no gluten, added sugars or alcohol’s on the program. 

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