Clean Gut Day 8

Well, today was a whirlwind. Skin is still clear and my mood is fabulous. I have some personal stuff going on right now that is insane but I am doing alright. I am driving Clint crazy but I am at a 7.5/10 when I would normally be at al 11/10 right now. I really feel like my anxiety is not as prevalent right now overall and I am testing that right now – haha! Not on purpose.

I wonder if it is the removal of whatever foods are triggers for me or if getting married, planning a 6 month wedding and putting my house up for sale is just too much to even register further drama on my anxiety meter?

Anyway, I still feel great and not very hungry. I am eating way less. My fat intake is up a lot so thats likely why I am only eating 3 squares most days. No need to boost myself with coffee or treats in between meals like I used to do. I am really getting used to this. I don’t miss sugar, thats for sure. I will be back to tell you how tomorrow goes. Night!

Clean Gut Day 8 Tally:
Calories: 1,470
Water: 132 ounces.

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