Clean Gut Day 9

Hey Hey Hey! (Anyone actually get that reference?)

So I am exited that the hard copy of Clean Gut and the recipe book Clean Eats is coming today! I originally bought Clean Gut on audio and I just have to have the real book now. I want to be able to get to the recipes faster and to mark certain parts. Stupid audio books are really hard to reference (in Audible anyway.) The chapters just say 1, 2, 3 there are no titles or headings. And they don’t often match up with the chapters of the book. But I digress…

I am not out of ideas but I loved some of the recipes I have tried so far SO MUCH. I want to get more! I would have never thought to make Chicken Pot Pie with Almonds and Sunflower seeds as the main crust ingredients. And I would never have thought it would taste so amazing.


Ok I just got home and the stupid box with two books was left in the rain. Lovely. Opened it and it was funny – shoulda taken a picture – the books were off center in a perfect way that let them stay dry. If I were another 10 minutes even they would be wet and I would be sending them back. So happy I made it. Bummed I won’t have time to flip through them for a few days. Loads going on around here. LOADS!

I was cleaning tonight and the dust and all is giving me a headache. I am going to go to bed and hope tomorrow I don’t have a headache when I wake up. I am sleeping so good its amazing. I think its the sugar and the carbs man! We’ll see won’t we. Almost 1/2 way done the 21 days! Night.

Clean Gut Day 9 Tally:
Calories: 1,250
Water: 141 ounces

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