Clean Gut Day 10

Day 10 is in the books. Today I had to leave work early for an unexpected mini emergency. It all worked out though. Packed up some items to put into storage once all was well, and went to Mass with Robin to get ashes. Pretty normal day in the end.

I did screw up though with the fasting. I made soup so I didn’t eat meat and I totally forgot it was actually Wednesday when I packed for today and when I ate lunch. So I ate chicken. Whoops.

Interested to see what tomorrow does to me. I have been following the Clean Gut book to a T these last 10 days. Tomorrow we have our cake tasting and I will have both sugar and gluten for the first time. (Only going to have literally a small bite of each but still it counts.)

If the shower is also going to fall during these 21 days, I will extend it to 22 days since that will be one hell of an unapproved meal I am sure. I knew both the wedding tasting and my shower might get in the way of my 21 days but I didn’t want to wait to start. Once you go down that road there is always another reason not to begin. Don’t you agree?

Clean Gut Day 10 Tally:
Calories: 1,200
Water: 115 ounces

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