Clean Gut Day 11

More than 1/2 way there! Today I had to do the wedding tasting. I feel AWEFUL. Look what we did:

I will say that the cake as REALLY good. Too sweet for my palate after no sugar or carbs for over a week. Doing an elimination diet, you are supposed to put the sugar, gluten and milk back in in one at a time to test. Not jam it all in your face at once like I just did. I think only I ate the equivalent of a smaller piece of cake but within 15 minutes my belly was burning. I had the worst heart burn on the way home and I almost never get that. We came home and still had to try the last few flavors.

Like I said – do not get me wrong here – the cake was very delicious I am just not in a cake mood right now with my elimination diet. These guys are one of the best bakeries for wedding cakes around. They are amazing – my stomach was not ready to jump into that just now though.

I am irritable and I feel like I am going to be sick. Not sure if it is a reaction to the gluten or milk or sugar or if my body is simply in sugar shock, haha! I really do feel lethargic and very…well…bitchy. I just really wish I could have gotten this tasting in before my 21 days or after, but it is what it is. I am going to bed.

See you all tomorrow for day 12. <3

Clean Gut Day 11 Tally:
Calories: 1,300
Water: 110 ounces


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