Clean Gut Day 14

This week will be INSANE. I have to clean up this wreck after packing a lot up, get everything printed to do my taxes, make food for the week, Pops having his surgery, get some things for the wedding, Bug’s last hockey game one night and need to go to the Chiro, too. Plus inspection is this week. Ugh.

Send help. LOL.

I slightly screwed up my elimination diet today at the baby shower. I had some veggies that had butter and more than just a taste of some  sweets (some of a mini cannoli and some cake). I should have ate before I went and I would not have been so ravenous but, honestly, so what. I feel a little off from the sweets, but not that bad. I didn’t have enough of it to feel bloated and gross so that’s good.

I did start to get a headache though. I am very interested to see what happens when I start testing each irritant in a little over a week. My migraines have been more frequent the last 6 or so months so I am looking forward to seeing how/if certain foods play a roll with that. I certainly have been eating way more sugar this last 6 months than I would normally eat. I thought it was just stress of losing Gram and then the wedding. But as an emotional eater – those things also came with added sugar to my diet. That is going to be interesting to test. I hope I don’t go giving myself more migraines though.

I am so tired tonight I am going to hit the hay. Till tomorrow!

Clean Gut Day 14 Tally:
Calories: 1,200
Water: 120 ounces

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