Clean Gut Day 16

So today I woke up to my phone going off from fraud alerts. I got some info stolen and somebody went on a shopping spree. Yay. Just what I need to add to the pile of crap I got going on right now. Criminals suck. Go steal from someone that has money to spare jerk-faces.

Welp – I will say I won’t know what I will do with myself come June when the wedding, the merging of all the stuff, the actual move, the honeymoon, the planning, the EVERYTHING is all over. I think I will sleep a lot. Oh, and watch all of the things on Netflix and Prime till they shame me and ask if I am still watching. Like, till Fall. That’s just what I will do. And I will knit. I miss knitting this winter. No time.

So, back the elimination diet. I was really full all day and I didn’t eat that much. I was so busy at work I didn’t even have my breakfast (I brought with me) till around lunch time. So that was kinda weird. I am sure my appetite will be back tomorrow. Maybe I am fighting something off. The office has passed a few colds around lately.

Clean Gut Day 16 Tally:
Calories: 1,000
Water: 140 ounces

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