Clean Gut Day 18

Had to take a personal day today and correct the course of things. Still did not hear from the inspection. Appraiser is coming today, too. Heading out soon to go see pop off to his surgery today. After that I have to spend most of the day on the phone changing all my account information from the hack earlier this week. One of the cards they got is the one I use to keep credit score up – I put utilities and stuff on there and pay it off end of month.  I don’t even know half the passwords. Some accounts I never knew, really. Ugh.

After that I have to get my tax stuff more in order. (Apparently they won’t accept two piles of lumped up papers, who knew?) LOL. THEN we have moms dress fitting and if there is any time left I have some errands I need to run that would be fabulous to get done but I doubt I will get that far. The hack stuff is going to probably take the entire time pops in surgery. Wish us luck.

Nothing went and planned. I got only about 1/3 of my accounts corrected. NO taxes. They did have to do my dress fitting today randomly. Will have to make up for lost time this weekend.

Clean Gut Day 18 Tally:
Calories: 1,250
Water: 140 ounces
Didn’t have time to track today but its been pretty steady going in the macro end of things.

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