Clean Gut Day 22

Today I woke up with such a red face! My rosacea was off the damn hook and my allergies were bothering me. Also, my nose was all itchy and red most of the day. I was a bit on edge and worried about I don’t know what all day, too. I had wheat, rice, potato starches and some wine. I already know booze acts my allergies up. Beer is worse, then Wine, finally whiskey. It’s actually what lead me to prefer whisky.

Today I did just the rice and veggie starches to see if I felt any better. It totally worked out a lot better. Not as many stomach issues today – none as the day went. I think I will try wheat flour and oats tomorrow and see what the reaction is without any alcohol.

Sidenote – the book says that it can take up to 72 hours to show ill effects from foods. Since my reaction was immediate I am trying out the different groups of carbs to see what ones I should limit in the future and what ones don’t bother me at all.

Clean Gut Day 22:
Calories: 1,300
Water: 120 ounces

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