Clean Gut Day 23

Today I woke up without the red face or allergie issues. My scalp is not itching either. I think the rice and potato type starches are probably ok for me. I don’t really ever eat those unless I eat at a place that serves fries with chicken or something. My unexplained anxiety was gone, too.

Today I had oatmeal for breakfast and had some tummy pains but was ok. For lunch I ate wheat crackers with wheat and rice flour with soup for lunch. Again, a little rumbly but fine. I ate the wheat crackers alone for a snack later and felt no good at all. Also got a red nose again in the hours after. Later, as an experiment, I had some gluten free crackers and was totally fine.

Morel of the story? I think it is safe to say that I should consciously limit the refined what flour / corn products that I consume. When I do eat them I will be sure and eat them WITH something else (protein or veggies) so that other digestive enzymes or whatever get to the party and help a sister out. LOL. Seems like I am fine with potato and rice type starches though I only really eat sweet taters regularly. Might need to up those in my diet to keep the carbs up to a decent level.

I am not huge on bread since I don’t ever eat it before it spoils at home. So I don’t think that should be a huge issue for me. I really only have it if I eat a sandwich out or go to an Italian spot with Pop. I don’t overdo it with pasta either (never make at home unless Pop asks me to come make it). It really should not be that hard for me to keep up the limited wheat.

Tomorrow I go back to the Clean Gut for a day and then Thursday I will reintroduce dairy.

Clean Gut Day 23:
Calories: 1,400
Water: 100 ounces

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