Clean Gut Day 25

Today I added dairy. To my surprise: zero problems. Had an omelette with provolone. Had Cheese as a snack and yogurt. I had troubles in the past but as I think about it it was always when I overate with cheese included or if it was dairy and sugar like in ice cream. Tomorrow is another day of this but so far so good!

Now, back to the damn carbs. Remember when I said the book reports it takes up to 72 hours to have a food reaction? Well, I woke today with a huge fever blister. Sure, I am under LOADS of stress, but it has been getting better so I find it more suspect that the food add to this. I never get these things unless I am deathly ill and I am not.  Now I have not had dairy and I don’t eat fish. Those contain L-Lysine that has been known to help FIGHT the cold sore virus. I HAVE been eating seeds, almonds, drinking cashew milk, oats and eating wheat for 2 days. Those have loads of L-Arganine known to TRIGGER cold sore virus fair ups.  I avoid Pecans and Walnuts ’cause every time I eat them I get a cold sore.

Sonsa bitch. I did this to myself. Just in time for the weekend. Bah.

Clean Gut Day 25:
Calories: 1,100
Water: 105 ounces

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