Why I started (and stopped) coaching for Beachbody

I submitted my cancellation form yesterday. I want to start by saying that I love the workout programs and Shakeology very much. I believe they are great and they work and I will continue to use those programs I own hard copies of in the future. Maybe not the Shakeo though…and not because I don’t like it or think it works. More on that later.

I started coaching because I was running free groups online to help my girlfriends and myself stay accountable. That made me a huge candidate for coaching for BB as that’s the bread and butter of what they do and how they meet new customers. A friend did well with the 21 Day Fix and I wanted to give it a go. I loved it and had great results. I had purchased a package that came with the DVDs and Shakeology. I loved both.

Shakeo is pretty expensive at first glance so I signed up as a coach for the discount. Those groups I was telling you about lead to actual customers as my friends wanted to try it too. Eventually, I ended up transitioning my loose-formed groups to more structured groups based of the BB program du jour. It wasn’t about the money but it was super nice to earn my Shakeo and Business fee back each month! It was a nice little side business and I enjoyed spending my free time helping others get good results.

Money wasn’t a motivator: You don’t earn a bunch doing that. People drink Shakeo 4-5 months and stop, usually due to price. When you break it down it’s not very expensive per meal – you’ll spend much more on Wawa breakfasts, for sure. That’s not easy to convince people and I never wanted to be that pushy person hell bent on changing anyones mind. Customers stayed around to try different programs that came out in the future because they work and give good results. To earn really well, you need to seek out new customers and that wasn’t my thing. Once things in my personal life turned whirlwind-style end of 2016 I stopped taking on new customers but continued to help those existing when they needed help or advice. I just didn’t have time to help more people get going. Had no desire to get up 3 hours early to work a side business when money from finding new customers wasn’t my motivator.

Company Policy Changes: In the recent past the company switched to focus on on-demand programs which reduced the ability to earn income. This is because customers can have access to everything for an annual fee. This makes it hard to start new challenge groups as everyone does their own thing. That’s what I loved the most, running groups. Nobody wanted to do them anymore. In terms of earning my Shakeo and Business fees back no one want to buy hard copies of the new programs any more and, as mentioned before Shakeo is the only real income earner but people lose interest fast there. This didn’t bother me much as I was a ‘discount coach’ who was focused on helping my little group of existing customers so I still stayed for my discounts.

Personal Reasons: Turns out I have some stuff that needs sorting out and my doc wants me off Shakeo for a bit. This is not due to shako or any ingredients being bad, I can’t have any medicinal herbs or supplements until some things are sorted out.

Financial Reasons: Obviously, I can’t buy $99/mo Shakeo and give it away for the undefined future until I can use the product again. That’s crazy. You can’t earn if you don’t have a certain amount of personal volume. On top of that, I’d have to pay a monthly business service fee out of pocket, too. (For those of you wondering, anything my customers buy goes entirely to the company, not me, while this all goes on.) So that’s really the beginning of the end of it all for me right there. I can’t justify spending money on products I can’t use just to stay ‘active’ status. Those are the rules. My plan was to stop coaching and sign back up later when I can use the products fully again.

Drama: The policy changes did cause all kinds of havoc with some fellow coaches that found their income reduced so badly they had to get new jobs to supplement income. Many of them stayed with online marketing businesses. For some reason the company decided to change the rules further and say you can’t work for another (even non competing) MLM business, and a lot of my friends got fired. Those that didn’t branch out were very mean and condescending to those that left or were fired. Some were the best of friends the day before. These interactions and the fact that many were publicly berated for leaving  broke my heart and, well, pissed me off. About the only thing I can’t tolerate is a liar and, to me, pretending to befriend a person only for the benefit you get, is akin to being a liar. Especially deplorable here, because it really comes off like befriending folks for financial reasons. Foul. Not something with which I want to be associated. Also the reason I may not come back when I can use the products fully again.

Thats my coaching story, beginning to end. I am excited to go back to my crafts and blogging though! And I will continue to help my old customers while they are using programs I can help with. I have a wonderful coach who is motivated for all the right reasons to whom I will be forwarding any new customer inquiries. She is great. And one last time, I really do believe these products are the best out there and they work. I just really wish we could have skipped the drama part.





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