About those lost screws…

2014 UPDATE:  Losing Screws is two years older and wiser. It has grown to include all of the crafty adventures I find along the way. It also now includes my adventures in Finding Fitness. I am still learning to be a homeowner and, as always, my little buddy, Murph tags along. He’s kinda growin’ on me, I just expect him to come around. I don’t even bother getting upset at his antics anymore.  I hope that you’ll find the instructions helpful, the crafts inspiring and the funny stuff a welcome distraction.




Welcome to my DIY blog – a humorous catalog of the do-it-myself house adventures I will be taking on in the next few years. I am expecting I will completely lose a few those loose screws in the process of getting this house finished so that’s where the name for the blog came from. Please don’t judge me. (LOL!) We all have a screw or two loose! At least all the folks I have ever happened to meet did.

I’m also a fairly crafty chick so look out for projects completely unrelated to my house, as well.  Girl-vs-House Projects & Other DIY Adventures should be pretty entertaining. Abby-normal stuff tends to…well…happen…when I am around. (Lets just say I always travel with Murph in tow and leave it at that!)

During my adventures in home improvement I’ll have some great advice and great help, too. Dad is a carpenter of sorts, he has redone all the homes he has ever lived in. Uncle Steve is a master tile-setter (that’s the TILE MAN, to you!). My stepdad, Glenn, owns his own HVAC company, Glenn Lima Inc. As you can see, I am not completely flying blind. Not to mention I have the greatest friends you could ask for. Ever.

I have never blogged or even followed one before, and I have no idea how to do any of this home improvement stuff.  Not having a clue how to do something has never stopped me from trying so far! Fasten your seat belts, folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride…