Ima be a little late...

Ima be a little late…on my next craft post, sorry! Murph paid me a visit last week. Actually, he kinda hung around all week: • Monday – I finished my work on the fundraiser staying super late after work and going in early. We all came together and pulled it off short a few members, […]Read More »

Murph got a new job.

Murph got a new job, did you hear? Murph is now apparently working for Apple. They removed iPhoto. Forever. Unsupported. iPhoto, which had all my photos in neat little albums and folders, was how I liked to roll. In lieu of iPhoto, they added “Photos” – ugh. It ain’t workin’. Look for a lull in […]Read More »

Murph's Spring Prank

First super nice Saturday, I get in the car, get a few blocks & grab for my sunnies:   It’s like someone unscrewed it on purpose! Lol. Thanks Murph, good to know you’re still around, old friend.  Read More »

I Beat Murph To It!

Today I beat Murph at his own game. I found out that the drip tray does NOT hold a whole cup of coffee.      Oops, looks like I need more #caffeine! 😱👎 Happy Easter, RoniRead More »

Murph is a big fat ruin-er of things!

It’s Presidents Day. I was supposed to have a nice short traffic-less drive to work today. It was gonna be great since I’m so busy right now. Alas, Murph showed up around 4:45 when my neighbors car alarm stared going off. So, instead of getting ahead at work I sit here on my kitchen floor […]Read More »

The Liebster!

So if you don't know about the Liebster Award you might think I must be writing an ode to Rob Schneieders 1991ish Richmiester. Read More »

My birthday present from Murph!

My birthday present from Murph: A leaking ceiling. Womp womp!Read More »


A lexicon of (mostly) my (mostly) made up stuff. A record of linguistic inventory. A wordbook of Roni, if you will. Occasionally, I will link back here if I think readers may not know what in the heck I am talking about.Read More »

A visit from Murph

I ran into my good buddy, Murph, today… Only I would park smack next to the return bin and manage to get my car smacked with a cart. (In case you are new around here, Murph’s last name is Law.) *sigh* Toosh, Murph! Toosh. *sigh* Stay tuned later in the week for the water heater […]Read More »

How I ended up raking leaves with a mop

Day One: Murph, my good buddy, has wasted no time. I set out to get rid of all the leaves in the (big) yard. It seemed as if they were never raked all Fall. There were huge patches of wet cakey leaves that had smothered the grass in patches. I bust out my leave blower, […]Read More »