A lexicon of (mostly) my (mostly) made up stuff. A record of linguistic inventory. A wordbook of Roni, if you will. Occasionally, I will link back here if I think readers may not know what in the heck I am talking about.
Blogercise – Putting in major amounts of work on the blog after a sustained period of slackage.

Cleaveland – Cleavage.

Craptastic – Something that is so entirely shitty, it’s on its way full circle straight back to fantastic.
“Work was closed early today but then I was stuck on I-95 for two hours anyway, isn’t that just craptastic?”

Fantastical – Something that is so good and magical that one can hardly be believe said ‘something’ actually exists.
“Dee’s Teddy Graham dip was fantastical.”

Flibble-Flabble – Jiggly flab. Noun or verb, you decide.
“That person shouldn’t wear spandex, you can see her flibble-flabble.”

For serious! – Something which is true and in accordance with reality, but perhaps not so readily believable.
“I just saw a grown man wearing a tutu in the supermarket. For serious!”

Gihugic – [Pronounced juh-eye-huge-ic] Used to describe a really large sons’abitch.
“Oprah Winfrey’s bank account is gihugic.”

Gods of Google – Whom I ask when I have NO CLUE. Because everything on the internet is true.

Healthify – Make something more healthy.

Murph – Murphy’s Law personified.
“Had a visit from my good buddy Murph, today. I slipped on the ice and dropped the pie I made.”

OPP – While I got much love for the 90’s, I’m not talking about any army with harmony here… Here, OPP stands for “Other People’s Projects”

Redic – Ridiculous or ridiculously.
“I can’t believe how redic this dude is being!”

Rando – Random.
“I can’t rando it was when the checkout lady had the same name as me!”

Slackage – Slacking off in a major way.

Serial – Seriously. Since this one is already a word, it only applies in certain conversations.
“Jen won $500 in a raffle!”
“No way, she didn’t!” (says the other person)

Skurrrrt! – [This is spoken as a sound effect.] Meaning slow down, pump the brakes! This one is taken from the bestie, Riggs.

Sons’abitch – Son of a Bitch, only more polite!

Toe Sneakers – Ugh. Gross. What I call these things.

Toosh – [Pronounced tew-sh] Touchè (stolen from the Sonic commerical, but no on EVER gets the reference.)

If you know me and can think of more weird crap I say, please leave it in the comments and I will add. (And no I didn’t win $500.) * sigh *