OPP: DIY Lead Paint Test

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Today I am patching a ceiling in my bathroom and that involves some painting. (Yes, the Pope is in town and all the major roads are closed so I took a vacation day to spend on a ladder.) My house is pretty old so I had some folks asking me if I was worried about lead paint. I don’t have kids or pets, and I don’t make a habit of licking my walls, but its a legit question none-the-less.

This article, written by my Timothy Dahl, explains how to test for lead paint on your own before you start your reno project.  Pay special attention if your home was built prior to 1950.  You can get a kit for around $40 these days, sometimes cheaper. Check out Timothy’s article to see how to administer these tests without hiring a professional: How to Perform a DIY Lead Test

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For those of you that are new around here, OPP stands for Other Peoples Projects. Be sure to check out some of the past week’s OPP’s while you visit.

Does this post make me a bad person?

These days, often shop at Big Orange. I mindlessly wander through the aisles picking up repeat-purchase items like joint compound and painters tape. Pretty boring stuff, really. Recently, I returned home from one of these Big Orange trips $40 poorer and lost in thought about what-in-the-world I should blog about next. As I wracked my brain, I decided to take a look through some older pictures from the house. Maybe I could come up with an idea that way? As I searched through, I happened across this image:
Joint compound Joint compound on a cart. Fancy! Big whoop, right?


I have been going through this stuff like crazy this year – but I never actually read the label. And by read, I mean never even looked at, not even once. Don’t worry – this isn’t a rant about carcinogens or anything depressing like that. Its all about making fun of what I see on said label. Now you may not agree, and I may be labeled a bad person, but I happen to believe this is funny and I’m willing to come clean and risk it! Take a good look for yourself:Funny joint compound label

Now, obviously I would never want anyone to get hurt, let alone a child! It’s just that this particular illustration sucks mightily and it makes me giggle. I can’t help myself. It’s REALLY funny. Come on, admit it, that cartoon child has got jazz hands and footy pajamas, people! Take a closer look:
Funny joint compound label
Don’t judge me, you know you think it’s funny, too.

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Masking Your Territory

I kept getting mad at myself for losing my masks all the time. How could I be so wasteful? Turns out, I wasn’t. My masks were being pilfered! Not so much on purpose, more like none of us can tell which one is ours so they are getting mixed up. This, apparently, makes my eyes red with anger:

20130501-231443.jpgI needed a plan….ah ha! Draw girly type things all up on there with a sharpie. Now the guys won’t want to wear it EVER! Mission accomplished AND my mask is pretty. That’s a win.


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Strip Wallpaper from 1605? Yeah, I got this.

Scrapers & Blades (I used American Line 4″ Adjustable Scrapers)
Pump Sprayer (I used RL Flomaster’s 2 gallon Wood & Masonry Sprayer)
Fabric Softener
Trash Bags
Tarps (I am getting rid of the rugs so I skipped this step.)
Paper Scorer (last resort only!!!!)

If you take your time up front – it is not that bad. Get yourself a good scraper and some blades – I got mine at Home Depot. I found mixing fabric softener with water in a pump/sprayer bottle worked best. Mixing in small batches, use: one part softener to 2 parts hot water. The small batches allow for super hot water which seemed to speed up the process slightly. For the record, I also tried steam and vinegar – no better. Continue reading