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Wedding planning is fun. No, really it is!

I am so excited for the wedding and, yes, I actually love planning it. Some how I got a lot of messages of love and support and in there was a lot of “Weddings SUCK” messages. They don’t suck, I love them! I love planning the wedding and I wish that was my full time job […]Read More »

OPP: Glow in the Dark Floating Head

Ummm, Hello! How cool is this glow in the dark floating head? I need to make this. I have done the glowy eyes in the bushes in the past, but I ripped those bushes out last year. (Sorry Mother Nature, they were dying.) So this would be a great replacement project. I already have all […]Read More »

OPP: Cinnamon-Orange Air Freshener

Today’s OPP is a post from Shaken Together Life. Click on for a how-to on making a crisp Fall air-freshener for your home.  Get the instructions right here on I can’t wait to get the supplies to try this myself! They use a biodegradable water polymer that seems pretty safe. I dig it! Have […]Read More »

OPP: Firefly Jar

Here is one you can do this weekend with the kiddos: Glow Jars! No real fireflies will get dead, either! Check out The Gold Jelly Beans’s super cool tutorial, Making Glow Jars. I would also suggest you toss in some glitter like Tejas Morey suggests, to give it more punch! Tell your kids Tinker Bell […]Read More »

How to Make Clear-Coated Labels

Have a project that you would like to add some custom labels to, but not sure how to do that? Don’t buy a bunch of specialty printing supplies.  If you craft, you probably have all you need right there at home. A few notes: I talk about bleed in the slideshow. Bleed means you need […]Read More »

DIY Wreath

Hi Everyone, I saw this one day and had to have it: It was $28 but only 12″ in diameter. Ummmm…nope. Craft time! Supplies needed to make a wreath: 18″ Grapevine Wreath Main Flowers 2-3 Complimenting Flower Sprays* Ribbon Hot Glue Gun and Sticks Command Hook (to hang wreath) Scissors. * Note if you make […]Read More »

Summer Sleep Essentials

When the warmer months arrive, I need to have my bedroom ready to chill me out! Being a fairly new homeowner, it’s all about using what I have around – especially until I learn my new space and how I’ll interact with it. Then it’s time for the fun part! I get my sleeping space […]Read More »

DIY Hanging Jars

Hi crafters, I have a tiny bathroom with barely any counter (or storage) space, so it gets messy pretty fast. I was regularly spending 20 minutes on clean up after I showered or did my hair! (Serial – It was like teenage mayhem in there and I’m in my 30’s, people!) I desperately needed a […]Read More »

OPP: Getting Crafty

Happy Valentines Day! This week’s OPP post is a reblog of a lovely Valentine project from Motherhood, One Bite at a Time. Keep reading for an adorable project to make your own holiday heart. Love it so so so much? Then why not customize with another shape for a year-round look. This would also be […]Read More »

OPP: A&K's Spa in a Jar Gifts

Its Friday - OPP day! For those of you that are new, it stands for Other People's Projects. Today's project: DIY spa jars are a great homemade gift idea.Read More »

Quick Sticker Removal

Quick Sticker Removal TutorialRead More »

Wooden Candle Stick Upcycle

I love metal candle stick holders but they are a FORTUNE – and to find a staggered set of 3 for pillar candles is near impossible. Not to mention that a single bronze one (that is good quality) can run you $45-1250! Found these really nondescript candlestick holder thing-a-ma-bobber’s in a furniture store that was […]Read More »

More Masks

Ok. Some people wanted to see the guys masks. They did write on theirs, but did not mirror my enthusiasm. ha! Here is a look: Thanks for reading, please subscribe to this blog and help me out by sharing on Facebook and Twitter – use the buttons below. <3 RoniRead More »

Masking Your Territory

I kept getting mad at myself for losing my masks all the time. How could I be so wasteful? Turns out, I wasn’t. My masks were being pilfered! Not so much on purpose, more like none of us can tell which one is ours so they are getting mixed up. This, apparently, makes my eyes […]Read More »