Textile Crafts

OPP: Glow in the Dark Floating Head

Ummm, Hello! How cool is this glow in the dark floating head? I need to make this. I have done the glowy eyes in the bushes in the past, but I ripped those bushes out last year. (Sorry Mother Nature, they were dying.) So this would be a great replacement project. I already have all […]Read More »

OPP: Crochet Table Runners

Today I would like to share two websites I have been visiting alot: Free Vintage Crochet and Make It Coats. I like to crochet and knit, but I am not good enough to make up my own patterns, so I often ask the Gods of Google to help me out alot. I am looking for […]Read More »

Extra Creepy Shower Window

Who puts a shower window in a first floor bathroom? It’s awful! Sure, it has frosted glass in the bottom pane. But it can be seen from the street, people! Annnnnd it’s only 10 yards from the neighbors’ kitchen and bedroom windows! I made me a curtain so I could shower at night with the […]Read More »

OPP: Reupholstering Bamboo Chairs

As there has been a delay in work on the house, I have decided to start a new blog series: OPP. While I have much love for the 1990s, I’m not talking about an army with harmony, besides their version is gross. Here, OPP stands for Other People’s Projects. Without further ado, here is the […]Read More »