DIY Recycled Notepads

I have been making these scratchpads for ages with old junk mail, messed up printer pages and recycled art prints. Its really easy and you only need binder clips and a maybe a paper cutter (if you don’t mess with scissors). Check out the gallery below for the how-to. Hover over the images to read […]Read More »

DIY Hanging Jars

Hi crafters, I have a tiny bathroom with barely any counter (or storage) space, so it gets messy pretty fast. I was regularly spending 20 minutes on clean up after I showered or did my hair! (Serial – It was like teenage mayhem in there and I’m in my 30’s, people!) I desperately needed a […]Read More »

Wooden Candle Stick Upcycle

I love metal candle stick holders but they are a FORTUNE – and to find a staggered set of 3 for pillar candles is near impossible. Not to mention that a single bronze one (that is good quality) can run you $45-1250! Found these really nondescript candlestick holder thing-a-ma-bobber’s in a furniture store that was […]Read More »

OPP: Reupholstering Bamboo Chairs

As there has been a delay in work on the house, I have decided to start a new blog series: OPP. While I have much love for the 1990s, I’m not talking about an army with harmony, besides their version is gross. Here, OPP stands for Other People’s Projects. Without further ado, here is the […]Read More »