DIY Weed Killer

Today I will share with you my homemade weed killer. This stuff doesn’t work as fast as the chemical sprays you can buy at the store, but its safer for your kids, pets, and environment! Also, its WAY cheaper and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now. The salt and vinegar […]Read More »

Ima be a little late...

Ima be a little late…on my next craft post, sorry! Murph paid me a visit last week. Actually, he kinda hung around all week: • Monday – I finished my work on the fundraiser staying super late after work and going in early. We all came together and pulled it off short a few members, […]Read More »

A Nice Day Off

I took the day off to work on the garden today. (It was planed, people, I didn’t call out last minute and play hookey!) Made two trips to Big Orange, ran some other errands, checked out some local landscape supply companies to source bricks for my garden wall, put down a mulch tree ring –  […]Read More »

OPP: 2015 Flower Show (DISNEY THEME!)

Hey all, Today’s OPP post is a collection of other peoples projects. I recently attended the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show, which benefits the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). The show is the longest running of its kind and has amazing themes each year. This year was “Celebrate the Movies” and it was FANTASTICAL! Most exhibits were […]Read More »

OPP: Creating A Garden Plan with My Square Foot Garden

Today’s OPP post is a recommendation for you to check out a gardening website I have been frequenting. My Square Foot Garden is the go-to site for all things SFG. It is run by a gardener named Emily and she has compiled a HUGE store of how-to’s for noobs like me. If fact, I learned […]Read More »

OPP: Raised Garden Bed

Hi guys! I am planning to make a raised bed garden! I initially asked the Gods of Google to show me an economical kit do buy and build myself, but they do not answer my prayers with anything quality. So then I asked them about how to go about making it oneself. For today’s OPP post, […]Read More »

Been a busy bee!

Working on a bunch of posts. Totes got sidetracked with the temporary spot of good weather last weekend so I took a break from inside work and got rid of all those dying and obnoxiously overgrown bushes and shrubs.Read More »

Spider-Joe & the Tree Amigos

Ok. So when I say I have the best friends and family, I really mean it. Dudes, my friends and family would totes win the best friends and family contest. They even removed a big ol’ tree for me. On a Saturday. (You heard that right, a Saturday!) Why commit tree-murder? One by one, branches […]Read More »

Scheming Squirrels

Squirrels are not that menacing, you say. I am silly, you say? Well, why don’t you take a gander at this, smarty-pants: See?! I am not crazy and this is not an irrational fear. They are plotting. Raising an army high above the junk piled high in my neighbors yard. Just look at what they […]Read More »

What in the world?

In school, I was part of the gifted educational program. Sounds prestigious, but really it meant that students left regular school one day a week to go to another school and do more work. When the students got back to regular school they had to make up the regular stuff they had missed over their weekends. […]Read More »

How I ended up raking leaves with a mop

Day One: Murph, my good buddy, has wasted no time. I set out to get rid of all the leaves in the (big) yard. It seemed as if they were never raked all Fall. There were huge patches of wet cakey leaves that had smothered the grass in patches. I bust out my leave blower, […]Read More »