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OPP: DIY Lead Paint Test

Today I am patching a ceiling in my bathroom and that involves some painting. (Yes, the Pope is in town and all the major roads are closed so I took a vacation day to spend on a ladder.) My house is pretty old so I had some folks asking me if I was worried about […]Read More »

DIY Weed Killer

Today I will share with you my homemade weed killer. This stuff doesn’t work as fast as the chemical sprays you can buy at the store, but its safer for your kids, pets, and environment! Also, its WAY cheaper and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now. The salt and vinegar […]Read More »

Save Money WIth Ceiling Fans This Summer

Did you ever notice that your ceiling fan has a little switch on the side? Well, you should take a minute now and go check if you haven’t. That tiny toggle can save you some dough this summer, man!  It will look like this this switch here: If you never noticed the toggle before, chances […]Read More »

Before And After - Living Room

Here is a before and after slideshow of the Living Room. Not sure why I haven’t gotten around to posting these till now. All the rooms are still in progress but you can sure see how far it has come!   Whaddya think? <3 RoniRead More »

My birthday present from Murph!

My birthday present from Murph: A leaking ceiling. Womp womp!Read More »

Product Review: DRIcore Subfloor

Next up on the product review list: DRIcore. This subfloor product is intended for concrete basements and other such spaces to help keep them dry and mold free. My home is built on a slab, so I decided to look into this product when I was buying flooring materials per my Dads suggestion. DRIcore looks […]Read More »

Product Review: Roxul Stone Wool Insulation

My opinion on using Roxul Stone wool insulation? In two words: use it! This stuff is great, man! It is more expensive than the fiberglass rolls but it goes up so fast that alone is likely going to be worth it for you. Better yet, it doesn’t make you itch like crazy when you have […]Read More »

Spider-Joe & the Tree Amigos

Ok. So when I say I have the best friends and family, I really mean it. Dudes, my friends and family would totes win the best friends and family contest. They even removed a big ol’ tree for me. On a Saturday. (You heard that right, a Saturday!) Why commit tree-murder? One by one, branches […]Read More »

Updated Exterior Lights

Pretty straightforward post here, people: my old exterior lights were busted and installed incorrectly. Armed with a gift card I got from Coinstar, I headed to Big Blue and picked up two Portfolio Litshire outdoor lights. The front light went on perfectly, but the back light needed some finagling. The awning was hung right-smack in the way of the old […]Read More »

Tiny bubbles

Remember the post about the new gas meter? Well, the meter swap wasn’t the end of the shenanigans: A week after the swap, we turned the gas back on to the heater. Steve lit the pilot light for me and immediately smelled gas. That’s not unusual when first lighting a pilot, so we went back […]Read More »

Does this post make me a bad person?

These days, often shop at Big Orange. I mindlessly wander through the aisles picking up repeat-purchase items like joint compound and painters tape. Pretty boring stuff, really. Recently, I returned home from one of these Big Orange trips $40 poorer and lost in thought about what-in-the-world I should blog about next. As I wracked my […]Read More »

Padded Door: Retro-Lovely or Accessory to Crime?

So here’s the first thing I worked out after buying and old home: people do some super-weird things to their homes. So what? What could be so outrageous that it could warrant a ranting blog post? Oh, nothing much at all – just a vinyl-upholstered door. No biggie. Totally normal stuff over here. Wanna see? […]Read More »

One door closes...

One door closes…and you realize that your house has very old doorknobs. Old don’t bother me at all, but ugly sure does. My doors are durable and solid and they look so pretty. Time to upgrade those doorknobs – easy fix, right? Sure! I can do this one all by myself – no help needed. […]Read More »

OPP: Reupholstering Bamboo Chairs

As there has been a delay in work on the house, I have decided to start a new blog series: OPP. While I have much love for the 1990s, I’m not talking about an army with harmony, besides their version is gross. Here, OPP stands for Other People’s Projects. Without further ado, here is the […]Read More »

Kill Room

Just thought this was funny. If you watch the show, you’ll get it.   Thanks for reading, please subscribe to this blog and help me out by sharing on Facebook and Twitter – use the buttons below. <3 RoniRead More »

Jeepers, Creepers: Redux

Ok, so y’all know how much I hate creepy crawlies. Yet, somehow they keep comin’ around. Must be my charm. Anyway, I have been religiously spraying Ortho Bug-B-Gon (r) out around the perimeter of the house. I have been overrun with Mosquitos and other crawlies. Biggest issue is the skeeters – with no water in […]Read More »

Happiness is...

A happy, functioning toilet: Ta-da!!!!!! Fin. Thanks for reading, please subscribe to this blog and help me out by sharing on Facebook and Twitter – use the buttons below. <3 RoniRead More »

Masking Your Territory

I kept getting mad at myself for losing my masks all the time. How could I be so wasteful? Turns out, I wasn’t. My masks were being pilfered! Not so much on purpose, more like none of us can tell which one is ours so they are getting mixed up. This, apparently, makes my eyes […]Read More »

It's the medium things...

Here are two seemingly little things that were a BIG deal. First off, adding outlets outdoors is the bees-knees. Really. Last Fall I had to use a leaf blower with a 100ft power cord in sessions so I could run back in to unplug and work out of another window. The other is all that […]Read More »

Damage Control

Hey folks! So, it’s been awhile. Been busy doing stuff at the house, ran into a hiccup or twothousand since the post where my kitchen walls had been kind enough to reveal a pretty decent infestation of carpenter ants. We got that damage all sorted and started in on the bathroom. As you may recall […]Read More »

Plumb outta luck!

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The Carpenters (...as in ants, not Richard & Karen)

Recall my last post about old termite damage? Yeah, well, about that…it is carpenter ants. Not was. IS. They ate my house and are still feasting. Yes, I had an inspection. Yes, the old owner disclosed old termite damage from ‘ages ago’ had been repaired – on the roof and new 2nd floor. I don’t […]Read More »

Flyers and Termites and Beers…Oh My!

Get it? Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my! Flyers and Termites and Beers…Oh My! Well, I thought it was clever, anyway. Read on and maybe it will make sense later.Read More »

Counting Pennies

This will (hopefully) be a recurring theme for many future posts. I will post more with the same title as I think of new little money saving tips to share. If you know me in real-life, you know I love me some coupons! I am not all crazy about it like the TV shows, but […]Read More »

What the hell is a gigawatt?!?

Anyone out there get the reference? Hmm? Well, anyways, here we are in February and I am no closer to moving in but we are making progress!!! Woooo! Had the electric service changed out two weeks ago and now we are adding outlets ourselves like crazy I tell you! When I say ‘we’ – I […]Read More »

Who stepped on a duc(t)?

Just kidding. Nobody tooted. I just installed some central air in my hizzie, that’s all. Here is a visual diary (of sorts) of that process. Its almost done. Just need the electric box moved up to the 2nd floor and we are in business. (The box is located in the kitchen – until this weekend.) […]Read More »

Snowflakes & Scraping Mats

What is she talking about? Snowflakes and scraping mats? Whaaaaa? This past weekend, it snowed for the first time this year. Wait, no! It snowed for the last time this year. Anyways, I went over to the house to do some work before the snow started. I removed some wallpaper from the kitchen and I […]Read More »

Wallpaper on the Ceiling?

For the record, who the h*%l puts paper on the ceiling? Hmm? Why, for the love of Rudolph, would you ever want to do such a thing? Ok. I feel better now. Actually, my fears were totally unfounded. It came off like butter and it was multiple layers of paper. Most of it literally fell […]Read More »

Strip Wallpaper from 1605? Yeah, I got this.

Supplies: Scrapers & Blades (I used American Line 4″ Adjustable Scrapers) Pump Sprayer (I used RL Flomaster’s 2 gallon Wood & Masonry Sprayer) Fabric Softener Trash Bags Sponges Tarps (I am getting rid of the rugs so I skipped this step.) Paper Scorer (last resort only!!!!) If you take your time up front – it is not […]Read More »

Attack of the Spider Crickets (and other, less dramatic, bathroom pics)

Read More »

2nd Floor - Storage Area

This was a storage area for the previous owners. This will be storage for me, as well but will also double as my craft area. I can’t wait to leave my sewing machine out all the time! It’s the little things people! The little things!Read More »

2nd Floor - Lounge Area

This is how it used to look. Check back later for updates. I think this will be my ‘man cave’ for lack of a better way to say it. Video games, maybe a small bar, Flyers decorated, etc etc etc.Read More »

Kitchen - Old photos

Here is a look at the old kitchen. Which, at this time, also happens to be the current kitchen. 🙂 The laundry stuff is moving out of this space, and a new big-girl stove will also be moving in with me. Other additions will be a new sink, counters, dishwasher and fridge. If you read […]Read More »

Main Floor Layout - Homestyler

Found this great FREE site to layout your spaces. I will post real pics later, but for now check out the first floor I created using Homestyler’s site. To see my first floor layout, click here.Read More »

Livingroom - Old Photos

Here is what the Living Room started out as. Look for my wallpaper post in a few days to see it without the fancy wallpaper and 70’s mirrors. 🙂 Here is what it looked like from the previous owner:Read More »

Main Bedroom - Old Photos

Here is the main bedroom. I wanted to include photos of the room with the old setup for context. I can’t wait to take the wallpaper off the ceiling in here. Anyone want to help…anyone…? * sigh *Read More »

Bedroom/Office - Old photos

This is the second bedroom – the previous owner was using this space as an office, as you can see. I am moving the laundry facilities here and also will likely put my computer / office stuff in here. Possibly even a treadmill if space allows. I don’t know yet – gotta get the water […]Read More »