Ima be a little late...

Ima be a little late…on my next craft post, sorry! Murph paid me a visit last week. Actually, he kinda hung around all week: • Monday – I finished my work on the fundraiser staying super late after work and going in early. We all came together and pulled it off short a few members, […]Read More »

Save Money WIth Ceiling Fans This Summer

Did you ever notice that your ceiling fan has a little switch on the side? Well, you should take a minute now and go check if you haven’t. That tiny toggle can save you some dough this summer, man!  It will look like this this switch here: If you never noticed the toggle before, chances […]Read More »

Ditching Cable – Part 5 (How To Stream By TV Show)

This is a chart to provide detail at a TV show level of how to watch shows across multiple formats: Network Websites and Apps, Sling.com, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and an antenna. (I did not include Netflix or Prime as they only have older seasons of shows for free.) I will update the list as […]Read More »

Ditching Cable - Part 4 (How to Stream TV by Network)

As you know, I am going all-internet streaming and cable-free shortly. Here is a handy-dandy little chart I worked up for myself while looking into how to begin streaming. This chart includes all the networks that I normally watch in multiple formats: Network Websites and Apps, Sling.com, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and an antenna. (I […]Read More »

Ditching Cable - Part 3 (Options to Watch & Stream Without Cable)

Here is the next installment in my guide to going cable free. The following is a list of ways that you can stream or watch TV once the cord is cut. As I researched this and thought it would have been great to have it all in one location. So here you are, look no […]Read More »

Ditching Cable - Part 2 (Dealing with a Dead Zone)

In order follow through and ditch cable, I first needed to address the dead zone in my house. One can accomplish this with running a wired connection all the way down to the dead zone from the modem. That is not ideal (and it’s ugly). I set up a quasi-wired solution with 2 routers and […]Read More »

Ditching Cable - Part 1 (Why I'm Going There!)

I am cutting the cord. My cable bill went up again and I am so over it. I have no ‘upgrade’ channels, 50 Mbps internet (that doesn’t stream correctly) and a house phone of which I don’t use. I don’t even know the number. My bill is now approaching $150. Nope. I have 3 TVs […]Read More »

Murph is a big fat ruin-er of things!

It’s Presidents Day. I was supposed to have a nice short traffic-less drive to work today. It was gonna be great since I’m so busy right now. Alas, Murph showed up around 4:45 when my neighbors car alarm stared going off. So, instead of getting ahead at work I sit here on my kitchen floor […]Read More »

How to drain a water heater

Attempt at your own risk – if you are uncomfortable with this type of stuff, hire someone! Because if you flood your house that’s on you, dude! Without further ado, there are four general steps you need to do to get a water heater drained right-quick. Turn off the burner and gas supply (or electricity). […]Read More »

(Frozen) Pipe Dream

Been a long time. Holidays and such. Apologies. I am making great progress but, as usual, there are snags. Such as winter. Frozen pipes and water meter. I’m such a lucky gal, aren’t I? Prevention plan: 1. Leave cabinet doors open if meter is under a sink. 2. Wrap meter in blankets and/or pipe insulation.* […]Read More »

Updated Exterior Lights

Pretty straightforward post here, people: my old exterior lights were busted and installed incorrectly. Armed with a gift card I got from Coinstar, I headed to Big Blue and picked up two Portfolio Litshire outdoor lights. The front light went on perfectly, but the back light needed some finagling. The awning was hung right-smack in the way of the old […]Read More »

Tiny bubbles

Remember the post about the new gas meter? Well, the meter swap wasn’t the end of the shenanigans: A week after the swap, we turned the gas back on to the heater. Steve lit the pilot light for me and immediately smelled gas. That’s not unusual when first lighting a pilot, so we went back […]Read More »

Do the right thing...

…and get nothing but grief for it. This is a rant post about how one (particularly incompetent) “gas company” employee caused me a heap of troubles. Dad and Steve had turned the gas off this summer in order to relocate the hookup for the dryer: We decided it was a good idea to let the […]Read More »

Happiness is...

A happy, functioning toilet: Ta-da!!!!!! Fin. Thanks for reading, please subscribe to this blog and help me out by sharing on Facebook and Twitter – use the buttons below. <3 RoniRead More »

It's the medium things...

Here are two seemingly little things that were a BIG deal. First off, adding outlets outdoors is the bees-knees. Really. Last Fall I had to use a leaf blower with a 100ft power cord in sessions so I could run back in to unplug and work out of another window. The other is all that […]Read More »

Plumb outta luck!

Thanks for reading, please subscribe to this blog and help me out by sharing on Facebook and Twitter – use the buttons below. <3 RoniRead More »

What the hell is a gigawatt?!?

Anyone out there get the reference? Hmm? Well, anyways, here we are in February and I am no closer to moving in but we are making progress!!! Woooo! Had the electric service changed out two weeks ago and now we are adding outlets ourselves like crazy I tell you! When I say ‘we’ – I […]Read More »

Who stepped on a duc(t)?

Just kidding. Nobody tooted. I just installed some central air in my hizzie, that’s all. Here is a visual diary (of sorts) of that process. Its almost done. Just need the electric box moved up to the 2nd floor and we are in business. (The box is located in the kitchen – until this weekend.) […]Read More »