Challenge Groups

Signups are currently open for the Following Challenge Groups: • RESOLUTION REBOOT! – February Start Date TBD Resolutions are hard. Did you fall off track? That’s just fine, we’ll get you set again. I am hosting a RESOLUTION REBOOT group in February for new customers purchasing the Hammer and Chisel, 21 Day Fix, OR 21 […]

Finding Fitness

I have struggled with my weight…well…forever. To date, I have lost over 40 pounds! I gained and lost 30 of those pounds over and over these last 20 years. I finally found something that works to keep me steady. I have been drinking Shakeology for my breakfast and trading in my gym workouts for programs like […]


Shakeology is a healthy meal replacement that removes a daily meal from my clean eating planning. I use it in lieu of my vitamins, probiotic yogurt, vegan protein powder and my morning Wawa coffee (plus the food I used to get there each weekday). I felt great and had noticeably curbed cravings after only a […]

21 Day Fix

Here is a home for all things 21 Day Fix! This program has change my eating and fitness habits for life. It taught me how to eat and workout efficiently, with less toiling and with NO calorie counting. If you want to try this program out and have questions, I would love to help! Comment […]