Clean Gut Day 23

Today I woke up without the red face or allergie issues. My scalp is not itching either. I think the rice and potato type starches are probably ok for me. I don’t really ever eat those unless I eat at a place that serves fries with chicken or something. My unexplained anxiety was gone, too.

Today I had oatmeal for breakfast and had some tummy pains but was ok. For lunch I ate wheat crackers with wheat and rice flour with soup for lunch. Again, a little rumbly but fine. I ate the wheat crackers alone for a snack later and felt no good at all. Also got a red nose again in the hours after. Later, as an experiment, I had some gluten free crackers and was totally fine.

Morel of the story? I think it is safe to say that I should consciously limit the refined what flour / corn products that I consume. When I do eat them I will be sure and eat them WITH something else (protein or veggies) so that other digestive enzymes or whatever get to the party and help a sister out. LOL. Seems like I am fine with potato and rice type starches though I only really eat sweet taters regularly. Might need to up those in my diet to keep the carbs up to a decent level.

I am not huge on bread since I don’t ever eat it before it spoils at home. So I don’t think that should be a huge issue for me. I really only have it if I eat a sandwich out or go to an Italian spot with Pop. I don’t overdo it with pasta either (never make at home unless Pop asks me to come make it). It really should not be that hard for me to keep up the limited wheat.

Tomorrow I go back to the Clean Gut for a day and then Thursday I will reintroduce dairy.

Clean Gut Day 23:
Calories: 1,400
Water: 100 ounces

Clean Gut Day 22

Today I woke up with such a red face! My rosacea was off the damn hook and my allergies were bothering me. Also, my nose was all itchy and red most of the day. I was a bit on edge and worried about I don’t know what all day, too. I had wheat, rice, potato starches and some wine. I already know booze acts my allergies up. Beer is worse, then Wine, finally whiskey. It’s actually what lead me to prefer whisky.

Today I did just the rice and veggie starches to see if I felt any better. It totally worked out a lot better. Not as many stomach issues today – none as the day went. I think I will try wheat flour and oats tomorrow and see what the reaction is without any alcohol.

Sidenote – the book says that it can take up to 72 hours to show ill effects from foods. Since my reaction was immediate I am trying out the different groups of carbs to see what ones I should limit in the future and what ones don’t bother me at all.

Clean Gut Day 22:
Calories: 1,300
Water: 120 ounces

Clean Gut Day 19

Still doing well with the elimination diet – not perfect but well. Have to still get done changing my fraud stuff over and the tax guys is scheduled so I need to get that done. Considering I went to work in the clothes I wore yesterday, I think its safe to say I had the most stressful day, of my life. Every time something could be the worse thing ever another ridiculous thing happened. That is all I will disclose there. Glad its over.

Still looking forward to being able to test the foods I cut out here soon. Feeling good just insanely stressed out.

Clean Gut Day 19 Tally:
Calories: 1,350
Water: 120 ounces
Didn’t have time to plot/track today but its been pretty steady going in the macro end of things.

Clean Gut Day 18

Had to take a personal day today and correct the course of things. Still did not hear from the inspection. Appraiser is coming today, too. Heading out soon to go see pop off to his surgery today. After that I have to spend most of the day on the phone changing all my account information from the hack earlier this week. One of the cards they got is the one I use to keep credit score up – I put utilities and stuff on there and pay it off end of month.  I don’t even know half the passwords. Some accounts I never knew, really. Ugh.

After that I have to get my tax stuff more in order. (Apparently they won’t accept two piles of lumped up papers, who knew?) LOL. THEN we have moms dress fitting and if there is any time left I have some errands I need to run that would be fabulous to get done but I doubt I will get that far. The hack stuff is going to probably take the entire time pops in surgery. Wish us luck.

Nothing went and planned. I got only about 1/3 of my accounts corrected. NO taxes. They did have to do my dress fitting today randomly. Will have to make up for lost time this weekend.

Clean Gut Day 18 Tally:
Calories: 1,250
Water: 140 ounces
Didn’t have time to track today but its been pretty steady going in the macro end of things.

Clean Gut Day 17

Day 17 was just fine. I did have my appetite back, too. I am waiting to hear how the inspection went. Also trying to get the day of schedule set for us ladies getting our hair and makeup did. That is no small task. There are a lot of us!

In the book Dr. Junger talks about 72 hours being the window to have  a food reaction. Remember how I cheated at the shower? Well I had some dermatitis spots back this morning!!! It could be coincidental stress but at this point I think t’s far more obvious that it is something I am eating.

Other than that I don’t really have that much to report.

Clean Gut Day 17 Tally:
Calories: 1,250
Water: 102 ounces

Clean Gut Day 16

So today I woke up to my phone going off from fraud alerts. I got some info stolen and somebody went on a shopping spree. Yay. Just what I need to add to the pile of crap I got going on right now. Criminals suck. Go steal from someone that has money to spare jerk-faces.

Welp – I will say I won’t know what I will do with myself come June when the wedding, the merging of all the stuff, the actual move, the honeymoon, the planning, the EVERYTHING is all over. I think I will sleep a lot. Oh, and watch all of the things on Netflix and Prime till they shame me and ask if I am still watching. Like, till Fall. That’s just what I will do. And I will knit. I miss knitting this winter. No time.

So, back the elimination diet. I was really full all day and I didn’t eat that much. I was so busy at work I didn’t even have my breakfast (I brought with me) till around lunch time. So that was kinda weird. I am sure my appetite will be back tomorrow. Maybe I am fighting something off. The office has passed a few colds around lately.

Clean Gut Day 16 Tally:
Calories: 1,000
Water: 140 ounces

Clean Gut Day 15

So today I was irritable and my allergies were crazy bad when I woke up – recall I ate off the elimination diet yesterday? So, I am a bit put off that the food is possibly effecting my mood, too! Geeze.

Well other than that I had a good day and the longer the day went the better I felt. Got a dress for the shower today – last minute I guess. Don’t know when the shower is but I should have got something way sooner. Whoops.

Clean Gut Day 15 Tally:
Calories: 1.250
Water: 122 ounces

Clean Gut Day 14

This week will be INSANE. I have to clean up this wreck after packing a lot up, get everything printed to do my taxes, make food for the week, Pops having his surgery, get some things for the wedding, Bug’s last hockey game one night and need to go to the Chiro, too. Plus inspection is this week. Ugh.

Send help. LOL.

I slightly screwed up my elimination diet today at the baby shower. I had some veggies that had butter and more than just a taste of some  sweets (some of a mini cannoli and some cake). I should have ate before I went and I would not have been so ravenous but, honestly, so what. I feel a little off from the sweets, but not that bad. I didn’t have enough of it to feel bloated and gross so that’s good.

I did start to get a headache though. I am very interested to see what happens when I start testing each irritant in a little over a week. My migraines have been more frequent the last 6 or so months so I am looking forward to seeing how/if certain foods play a roll with that. I certainly have been eating way more sugar this last 6 months than I would normally eat. I thought it was just stress of losing Gram and then the wedding. But as an emotional eater – those things also came with added sugar to my diet. That is going to be interesting to test. I hope I don’t go giving myself more migraines though.

I am so tired tonight I am going to hit the hay. Till tomorrow!

Clean Gut Day 14 Tally:
Calories: 1,200
Water: 120 ounces

Clean Gut Day 13


Today was a long day. We packed up three truck loads of my stuff for storage and Clint’s house. It was odd seeing the house empty little by little. Still a lot left here with me, but we made a good start so it won’t be so overwhelming come April and May.

Off to watch something on TV – might start the Young Pope? Have you watched that?

Clean Gut Day 13 Tally:
Calories: 1,640
Water: 126 ounces

Clean Gut Day 12

Friday was a good day. I felt a bit off all day from the tasting, but a good day.

I brought chicken to work and had to go out and get a salad – totally forgot it was Friday. Dunno what is with me this week. Funny thing is they put chicken on my salad anyway. I was able to pull it off and will eat it tomorrow or Sunday.

There was a shut down on I-95 and I could not get home from work. I went to the mall to kill time and there was not one single thing I could eat there. Not one. I got home like 8:30 and inhaled a salad. INHALED. That is it for today.


Clean Gut Day 12 Tally:
Calories: 1,200
Water: 120 ounces

Clean Gut Day 11

More than 1/2 way there! Today I had to do the wedding tasting. I feel AWEFUL. Look what we did:

I will say that the cake as REALLY good. Too sweet for my palate after no sugar or carbs for over a week. Doing an elimination diet, you are supposed to put the sugar, gluten and milk back in in one at a time to test. Not jam it all in your face at once like I just did. I think only I ate the equivalent of a smaller piece of cake but within 15 minutes my belly was burning. I had the worst heart burn on the way home and I almost never get that. We came home and still had to try the last few flavors.

Like I said – do not get me wrong here – the cake was very delicious I am just not in a cake mood right now with my elimination diet. These guys are one of the best bakeries for wedding cakes around. They are amazing – my stomach was not ready to jump into that just now though.

I am irritable and I feel like I am going to be sick. Not sure if it is a reaction to the gluten or milk or sugar or if my body is simply in sugar shock, haha! I really do feel lethargic and very…well…bitchy. I just really wish I could have gotten this tasting in before my 21 days or after, but it is what it is. I am going to bed.

See you all tomorrow for day 12. <3

Clean Gut Day 11 Tally:
Calories: 1,300
Water: 110 ounces


Clean Gut Day 10

Day 10 is in the books. Today I had to leave work early for an unexpected mini emergency. It all worked out though. Packed up some items to put into storage once all was well, and went to Mass with Robin to get ashes. Pretty normal day in the end.

I did screw up though with the fasting. I made soup so I didn’t eat meat and I totally forgot it was actually Wednesday when I packed for today and when I ate lunch. So I ate chicken. Whoops.

Interested to see what tomorrow does to me. I have been following the Clean Gut book to a T these last 10 days. Tomorrow we have our cake tasting and I will have both sugar and gluten for the first time. (Only going to have literally a small bite of each but still it counts.)

If the shower is also going to fall during these 21 days, I will extend it to 22 days since that will be one hell of an unapproved meal I am sure. I knew both the wedding tasting and my shower might get in the way of my 21 days but I didn’t want to wait to start. Once you go down that road there is always another reason not to begin. Don’t you agree?

Clean Gut Day 10 Tally:
Calories: 1,200
Water: 115 ounces